The following represent the current standing committees in AARC. If you are interested in joining one of these committees please contact the chair of that committee listed below. New members are always welcome.

Bylaws and Ethics

Oversees the adherence and revision of the by-laws, as well as ethical concerns and considerations related to the practice of counseling, assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and research. The current chair for this committee is Donna Gibson.

Conference Committee

Organizes and plans the national assessment conference for AARC.

The committee chair for the 2014 national assessment conference in Quad Cities (Moline, IL) is Rebecca Newgent

The committee chair for the 2015 national assessment conference in Memphis, TN is Stephen Lenz.

The committee chair for the 2016 national assessment conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL is Elizabeth Villares.

Diversity in Assessment and Research

Provides oversight of issues of diversity related to the purpose of AARC as indicated in the AARC by-laws. The current chair for this committee is Caroline O'Hara

Newsletter Committee

Responsible for the design and production of the AARC quarterly newsletter, Newsnotes. The current chair for this committee is Philip Gnilka.

Research Committee

Promotes training and best practices in counseling research in accordance with the AARC mission. The current chair of the committee is Christina Peterson.

Specialty Standards and Statements

Collaborates with ACA divisions to provide, advise, and facilitate the formation of standards and statements related to the interests, mission, and purpose of AARC. The current chair for this committee is Carrie Wachter Morris.

Media Committee

The current chair for this committee is Rachael Ammons.

FACT Representative

The current representative is Lori Ellison.

Web Manager

Manages and updates information on the AARC website. The current web manager is Yung-Wei Dennis Lin.


Joshua C. Watson, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS

Membership in AARC is a great way to become involved in the counseling profession. As a graduate student, AARC was one of the first counseling organizations I joined. Its members were quick to make me feel at home and let me know that my voice and participation were welcomed. In addition to meeting many colleagues whom I now call my friends, AARC helped me become a better advocate for the counseling profession.

Joshua C. Watson, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS