Exemplary Practices Award: Professional

Award Details

AARC, through its Exemplary Practices Award, recognizes persons and programs which best exemplify the mission of the AARC. By annually giving this award to a person or program, AARC seeks to acknowledge the rendering of important service in assessment or examples of outstanding assessment practice which have significance for the counseling profession.

Nominees are not required to be members of AARC or ACA. Members of the Executive Council and the Exemplary Practices Award Committee and their programs are not eligible to be nominated during their terms of service.

If you would like to nominate yourself or a deserving colleague for Exemplary Practices Award, please send your nomination toStephanie Crockett: crockett@oakland.edu

Please click here for detail information and required materials of professional nomination.

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2020 Jeffry Moe, Old Dominion University
  • 2017 Jacqueline Swank, University of Florida
  • 2016 Sejal Mehta Barden, University of Central Florida
  • 2015 Award not Given
  • 2014 Glenn Lambie, University of Central Florida, The Counseling Competencies Scale
  • 2013 Stephen Lenz, University of Memphis, Outcome Research
  • 2008 Bradley Erford, Testing and Assessment Advocacy and Advancement (Lifetime achievement)
  • 2006 David Jepsen, Career Development and Career Decision-Making (Lifetime achievement)
  • 2004 Phil Lewis and Dave Rivkin, O*Net Career Exploration Tools
  • 2003 Patricia Elmore and colleagues, Competencies in Assessment and Evaluation for School Counselors
  • 2002 Thomas Harrington and Arthur O’Shea, Harrington/O’Shea Career Decision Making System-Revised
  • 2001 Joint Committee on Testing Practices, Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers: Guidelines and Expectations